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Adapting age-old techniques and traditional materials, artists working with fibers, textiles and paper manipulate gravity, light, color, mass, and transparency to demonstrate the infinite transformations and iterations of their material.

However both fiber and textile art?s acceptance in the mainstream art world has remained elusive, mainly because of the prevalent and persistent perception that detained it between the categories of art and craft. Paradoxically, this ?between-ness? is exploited for the charge it generates: artists find in textiles and fibers an unexplored and intriguing alternative terrain.

Interwoven features ten artists who engage in sewing, knitting, and weaving to create a wide-range of works that activate the expressive and conceptual potential of line and illuminate affinities between the mediums of fiber and textile with drawing and sculpture.

Featuring a wide array of pieces done with both traditional and non-traditional techniques, this group exhibition provides an opportunity to experience artworks that focus on the creative potential of incorporating diverse materials and alternative technologies into the mediums of fiber and textiles.

Multi-generational in scope, Interwoven brings together an international group of artists who unravel the distinction between fiber, textile and art while expanding its groundbreaking gestures. The artworks presented range from the conceptual to the functional and explore contemporary themes like Gjertrud Hals? Ultima Vessels that reflect on the archetypical symbol of the urn while meditating about presence and mortality; Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia?s hand-woven Papeles Tejidos that make reference to multilayered sociopolitical and personal issues of immigration; Marie Noelle Fontan?s delicate hangings, made of botanical elements she collects while walking and traveling, contemplate nature, memories and presence; and Yessika Zambrano?s pieces in which line becomes sculpture and shadow becomes drawing. Through each artist?s unique process and visual voice, they break boundaries and continue to move textile and fiber arts forward?with possibilities extending well beyond the traditional archetypes.

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