In Miami, Portuguese Artists Reveal the Light of the Tropic

 Calapez’ color palette proposes an approach to the tropics with expressive and dynamic lines, from the perspective of this Lusitanian artist. Meanwhile, the photographic images of landscapes delicately embroidered by Miranda offers a reading through a visual fabric that unites tropical wild nature, with a human hand holding the knitting needle. The subtle strength of Vasco Costa ceramics, remembers us that tropics also has an urban side that lives in a symbiotic way with forests, mountains and rivers. 

The confluence of these artistic proposals, bonded together with an organic line by the curators, parts by the influence that Portugal receives from the tropics since years ago: music, food, dances and traditions from Africa and America, part of this country’s memories, enriched and nourished. Portuguese contemporary artists can prove it.

Hosting this exhibition is something natural for Merzbau Gallery, as it is dedicated to carrying out an innovative program that promotes diversity in art as well as an intense cultural exchange in our city. Miami, known as a cultural melting pot, seems to be the right stage for this exhibition. We hope our city received this proposal with enthusiasm, and take this unique opportunity to see the tropical light through the eyes of these talented Portuguese artists.

Portugal Tropical is an art exhibition that brings to Miami an approach to the work of three prominent Portuguese contemporary artists, who carry out their artistic views in different expressive ways but are bounded by the exoticism and sensuality of the tropics. A selection of paintings by Pedro Calapez, landscapes by Monica Miranda and ceramic sculptures by Maria Ana Vasco Costa are the core of the exhibition curated by Alda Galsterer and Veronica de Mello in Merzbau Gallery (Wynwood, Miami) from June 10th.


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